Flying drone over Alston fells

Blue Bear Systems Research are using a drone control system which will use the 5G network to demonstrate beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) flying to collect imagery data. BVLOS flying will be proven through imagery collected from vast stretches of arable and livestock farmland, as well as surveying network infrastructure and gathering video data on tourist destinations.

The livestock management use case will demonstrate BVLOS using drones to assist sheep farmers in counting their flock. In discussions with hill farmers, they told us that the process of counting the flock everyday was a time-consuming one, as the fell land is vast and not always easy to navigate. Some believe that the drone service could be of great benefit to them

Sheep captured from 400m

Sample data collected by Blue Bear flying at 400m was displayed at The Alston Sheep Show in September and generated lots of local interest and lively discussion.